EdgeTool FxPlug Plug-in

FxPlug filter plug-in (Universal binary for Mac OS X, 10.4+)
Host Requirements:
Final Cut Pro version 5.1.2 or higher Final Cut Express version 4 or higher Motion 2, Motion 3 or later
Install location:
Install in FxPlug folder of Plug-ins folder in user's Library folder

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EdgeTool is a powerful filter for detecting, isolating, and manipulating edges, or non-edges for purposes of controlling other effects, or enhancing smooth, noisy areas of your video without affecting the edges. It actually has many uses, but it was originally designed to allow the use of smoothing, and soft focus filters without sacrificing the sharpness of edges. To do that, we needed a filter that could locate edges (preferably one that allowed us to control the edge selection) and put the edge map into the alpha channel so that we could layer an effect layer over a lower layer and limit our affect to non-edge parts of the video.

EdgeTool allows you to select from two edge detection schemes, or use them both and average the results. It allows you to control the amplitude of edge detection and the contrast of the resulting map. It allows you to decide if you want the map to be output as a gray-scale map (useful for adjusting the edge selection, as a traveling matte, etc.), an alpha channel (so edges can be used to limit other effects), or a single layer enhancement option where the edge map is used internally with a median filter that smoothes out noise and some compression artifacts. There is also switches to control the enhancement function and invert the edge map so you can keep edges or non-edges.