Version 2 product release

The VKey2f Version 2 package has been made available on RegNow for new customers. Existing customers who wish to upgrade should wait to receive a coupon code in their e-mail, allowing them to update for $34.95 (for a limited time). The coupon codes have not been sent, yet, so don’t panic if you don’t have one. They will go out by the end of the week, after I coordinate some things with my other vendors. E-mail is not very reliable, though, so if you do not get an e-mail with a coupon code and you have purchased an earlier version of VKey2, please contact support and include your name, company name, or whatever you used when making the purchase. We can look some customers up by e-mail address, but not if the e-mail address has changed.

The new package no longer includes the Quicktime plug-in. We haven’t updated the Quicktime plug-in in a few years. If anyone needs it, they should contact support.

This new release is pretty exciting. As you may have noticed, we’re working on a new set of video tutorials. Some new features include, advanced color spill suppression, a brand new edge blending feature, a new keyer control that helps to recover some previously unkeyable features (no guarantees, but at least you’ll have another slider to play with!), an install script, and some cosmetic improvements. The controls have been rearranged and put into subgroups for a better workflow.

Look for more product information and tutorials, coming soon. In the mean time, you can download the demo and play with it, or browse the manual, all for free!