VKey2f End of Life

The vector keyer for FCP 6/7 will remain available for sale until we no longer have an FCP 6/7 installation for testing. However, the chroma keyer provided with FCPX provides similar, if not better functionality in most areas and the changes Apple made to the API would require significant development to port VKey2 to that environment. Also, it is possible that VKey2 would not even function as well under FCPX, due to changes in the rendering pipeline.

Our editing department has made the leap to FCPX, and we are mostly satisfied with the functionality of FCPX. There are some things it does much better than older versions of FCP (background rendering, real time playback without rendering, syncing audio and video clips, multi-camera clips). We’re not sold on the new project management paradigm, where projects and events are packed in libraries. There have been several stability issues; especially in titles, but for the most part, FCPX is quite capable.