Demo Versions of our Chromakey Plug-ins

You may download the VKey2 package, which contains the legacy Quicktime Component and the latest version of VKey2f 1.x. The demonstration versions install and function exactly the same way as the product versions, except they apply a red X across the video frame after rendering.

VKey2f Version 2 demo package (disk image)

VKey2f Version 2 Documentation (PDF document)

Download Wax plug-in for Win32 *

* Wax Plug-in version of VKey2. This is our first foray into extending VKey2 into the Microsoft Windows world. Wax is a free video editor with some very interesting features. If you'd like to try out the Windows plug-in, download and install Wax and then download our demo plug-in for wax, unzip it, and drop it into the Wax program folder. This plug-in is not supported, and it does not get much attention. You may use it if it works for you.