Oak Street Software, Inc.

Consulting/Software Development Rates

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." ---Red Adair

Updated 2019-Jan-01

Custom websites start at $300. We can also provide hosting for a low monthly fee.

Oak Street Software, Inc. charges $160/hour to send a consultant and/or software engineer to your site. Billable hours include time on-site (not including breaks) plus one-way travel time. Travel expenses may also be billable, depending on factors such as distance, duration of assignment, etc.

The rates for work done for the client but in the offices of Oak Street Software, Inc. vary depending on the services and skills required for the work. The rates vary from $60/hour for HTML, website design, and other, less technical tasks to $120/hour for software development and specialized consulting.

General telephone support is available for $90/hour.

We have video professionals with professional audio/video gear and photographers for multi-media projects. Those professionals work for $75/hour. One way travel time, setup, and tear down are included in billable hours. DVD mastering varies, depending on the complexity of the DVD. A DVD master can be made for a low as $100. Video editing and audio production can be billed hourly ($50/hour), or based on package rates. We are experts in chromakey effects (e.g. green screen).

Discounts up to 20% are also available for long term clients with a history of prompt payment. Rates are negotiable on long-term contracts and special projects.

* All rates subject to change without notice.
* Discounts may be available for long term assignments.
* Per job estimates are available for a fee.
* The client may be required to make a down payment before work will begin.